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We are going to describe the main features of the antiviruses Total AV and Avast in this review. As Avast is more popular for now we are going to start form it. 

Review of Avast Antivirus

  • Mode of Safe programs

The mode of Safe programs provides protection of the computer against start of programs which can be unsafe. In the mode of Safe programs start only of those programs which Avast  considers entrusted (for example, on the basis of information on the program from Avast, trust to the sign-code signature) is allowed.

  • Parental control

For protection of children and teenagers from the threats work-related on the computer and on the Internet, functions of Parent control are intended.

Parental control allows to set flexible access restrictions to Internet resources and programs for different users of the computer depending on their age. Besides, Parental control allows to browse statistical reports on actions of controlled users.

  • Management on the Internet

If on the computer the Avast  program is installed, and you have an account on the site registered, you can manage protection of this computer remotely.

  • Participation in the Protect the Friend program

Participation in the Protect the Friend program allows to share links to Avast with friends and to get for it bonus points. You can exchange the saved-up bonus points for a bonus activation code for Avast. 

Total AV Review

Total AV protects your computer and important information with use of an antivirus and the anti-spy in real time, a double-sided fayervol, web protection by means of an online antivirus of Total AV WebAdvisor, irrevocable removal and True Key password manager. 

Besides, the Total AV helps to find and delete not used applications, system garbage, files from a cache of the web browser and other undesirable files which slow down operation of your computer.

Principal components of Total AV

  • Security antivirus protection, protection against spy and malicious applications;
  • Protection in real time;
  • Vulnerability scanner;
  • Double-sided firewall (фаервол);
  • Safe search and purchases with Total AV WebAdvisor;
  • Fast loading and verification of files;
  • Irrevocable removal of data (Shredder);
  • PC setup;
  • Exclusive protection from a bot networks;
  • Check of USB carriers and removable devices;
  • Preliminary check and treatment of the infected systems;
  • Antispam;
  • Report on visit of web pages;
  • True Key password manager.

Main opportunities of Total AV:

  • Check of the PC

Execute fast, full or user check by means of an antivirus and the anti-spy of Total AV for elimination of viruses, spy programs and other threats from the computer. 

  • Vulnerability scanner

The vulnerability scanner carries out search and installation of the last updates of the software for Windows and the installed programs. It allows to secure your computer and to support programs in current state.

  • Personal firewall

Total AV provides protection against malefactors who can crack your computer or steal personal information, and controls information which transfers and receives your computer. 

Allows to control actions of members of your family on the Internet and websites which they visit.

  • Defragmentation

Helps to increase computer capacity, providing the most effective use of an empty seat on a disk.


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