Malwarebytes Secure Review 2020

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Whenever a user goes online, it’s important to keep in mind the presence of numerous threats. They include malware, phishing sites, viruses, etc. That’s why it’s better to take precautions like additional software or browser extensions. Today we’ll focus on the review of Malwarebytes and define if it’s a good way to shield your PC from similar online threats. This software has created quite a stir online. So, let’s compare the main pros and cons to conclude if it’s a useful tool in 2020.

The General Overview of Malwarebytes

First of all, one should realize that it’s not an antivirus program in the traditional sense. It’s not as efficient as the giants in the industry like Bitdefender or McAfee. However, this software comes in handy as an extra layer of protection to the user’s antivirus and a separate tool for online protection.

A user may pick from two main versions. This year, the software offers regular Malwarebytes and Malwarebytes Premium. They offer different bundles of features with Premium one delivering better malware protection and extra features. Malwarebytes Premium has a secure browser to block various online threats proactively.

Since the software doesn’t look nor behave as a regular antivirus program, it has several major differences. Firstly, it has a very narrow specialization. It deals only with malware and doesn’t offer other types of protection. The test results have proved that it stops zero-day threats as well. Yet, to have better results, users should combine it with another antivirus program.

Useful Tips About the Program

Every review of Malwarebytes states that the software runs on main operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android, Chromebook, and iOS. What’s more, it’s compatible with other antivirus solutions. This means when a user has another antivirus program installed, there won’t be glitches or file corruption. A user should also know that:

  1. Malwarebytes is a very lightweight utility. It doesn’t take much space and but has a light impact on the system. The quick scan feature delivers a comprehensive report.
  2. The program has a user-friendly interface. Even inexperienced users will intuitively learn to navigate it in no time.
  3. One shouldn’t expect complete all-round protection. However, the program succeeds in protecting the device from online threats. The browser guard makes sure most of the malware is blocked before it gets to the device. It works on Firefox and Google Chrome by blocking pop-up windows, ads, annoying junk.

The Advantages of Choosing This Software

  • Malwarebytes detects zero-day threats and neutralizes them fast and efficiency;
  • Thorough scans aren’t time-consuming;
  • The software blocks malware to maintain secure browsing;
  • Premium version also brings ransomware and exploit protection tools;
  • The software has a very light impact on the operating system;
  • The interface is user-friendly and simple;
  • There is a free version for users with a tight budget.

On the other hand, Malwarebytes has brought up lots of controversies. Some of them are due to the drawbacks the software has.

The Main Disadvantages One Should Know:

  • Malwarebytes doesn’t guarantee 100% protection. The program still misses some threats;
  • It’s not enough to maintain complete protection. One needs other antivirus software, too;
  • The premium solution is very expensive considering one also need to buy a separate antivirus;
  • A free edition is limited and offers only a few basic features;
  • There have been no recent independent tests lately. That’s why it’s hard to judge the quality of the current software version.

Final Word

Malwarebytes is controversial. However, it offers decent protection from certain online threats. It also plays well with other antivirus programs. This means it can be used as an additional layer of protection for online activities.


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