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Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to secure your data and network connection. VPN Provides seamless access and switching option to different access point, public or private network using mobile or computer devices. It encrypts users? data and hides the real IP address for the network connection. Using a VPN, a person can access blocked website and content. Sometimes, it is common that country basis content and web services are limited for a different reason. But using VPN App, the operator has the power to access and encrypt its data, IP address, and location.

AVG Secure VPN gives you the advantage to use Virtual Private Network on your computer. AVG VPN costs around $ 3.99 per month for your windows. It gives you free access to its features for a limited time. AVG Secure VPN supports Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. You can have AVG VPN at $59.99 for a year per device. Though you have all the protection by Antivirus to keep your computer safe. You still need a VPN for your full protection.

Cybercrime happens when you access the internet using a public network. Especially it occurs when you use WiFi Public Network. What VPN does here is, it doesn’t search for your browser histories and other browser data which is sensitive to you. VPN gives you the ultimate freedom to use the internet.

VPN creates a virtual tunnel to pass the data from the internet to your devices. Its data passes to your devices in an encrypted form for which hackers are unable to phish your data or passwords. There is a miss conception about whether the VPN is able to stop malware or viruses from entering into the devices. Well, No it is not. VPN cannot protect you from malware or viruses. VPN just encrypt your network or data connection so that the hackers and trackers are unable to target you for hacking. Through VPN you can wear a mask to stop being monitored by the government or Internet Service Providers.

Advantages of AVG VPN:

  • AVG VPN has a very Simple user interface, where the user can easily use its features.
  •  It has minimal impact on download speed, so you don’t face download problem.
  •  AVG VPN comes with good price than other VPN services.
  •  AVG VPN has a free 30-day trial of all the features.

Disadvantages of AVG VPN:

  • AVG VPN Lack of advanced features and settings than other similar VPN Software.
  • AVG VPN doesn’t have many server locations to choose from.
  •  It has a very strict and worrying company privacy policy.
  •  AVG VPN has pretty average customer support.

AVG Secure VPN does the basic operation of the VPN. If you use a single PC and do regular activities on your computer then you can use AVG VPN to secure the data and Network Connection. It’s a very good VPN service compared to the price it costs.


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