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When it comes to secure your computer and data you probably fall in trouble choosing the best antivirus for your computer. There is a number of antiviruses you can choose from. All of them does quite a similar job hunting the malware in your computer.

You might have heard Norton and Avast security system. Norton and Avast are very well known for keeping your computer and mobile devices from malware and viruses. This anti-virus software keeps your devices safe and secure while you use it in your regular workdays. Avast and Norton both come with a primary goal to keep malware and viruses out form your devices, but they have some differences, advantages, and disadvantages in them. Follow the article to understand both Avast and Norton.

Norton Security comes with, real-time threat protection, smart firewall, encrypted private and financial details, device management portal and automatic backup.

Avast comes with, intelligent antivirus system, cyber capture, smart scan, browser clean up, safe zone browser, firewall, and anti-spam and data shredder.

When we try to figure out the difference between, Avast and Norton, We didn’t find much. Cause both of them to dose an excellent job on protecting your computer from Viruses. But, yes! There are some little differences we spot, depending upon their features, system impact etc.

Avast vs Norton

  1. Features: Avast gives you more tools and utility in their product than Norton. Avast comes with some extra features like Cyber Capture, Sandbox, and Data Shredder etc. which you will not find in Norton Product.
  2. Protection: Norton and Avast both the anti-virus give very good performances over identifying the malware and viruses. But Norton sometimes comes with a false alarm.
  3. System Impact: Norton usage very limited CPU which doesn’t impact other system activities, weather Avast usage very high Cup which slow down your computer.
  4. User Interface: Avast has a bit complex user interface and cleaning process where Norton comes with a very simple user interface and cleaning process.
  5. Cost: Norton costs lower than fast. But Avast comes with the highest security you need for high-performance computing.
  6. Popularity: Present days, Avast is more popular than the Norton because of its wide range of product features.

Using Norton in you 1 pc will cost about $29.99 in the first year. It’s the basic package to keep your computer safe from Viruses. It has some other package such as Security Standard, Security Deluxe, and Security Premium. These give you premium features.

Avast has very vast packages. It has free antivirus which gives some basic protection. Its internet security pack costs around $59.99 per year. Avast has packed for business and companies and has protection even for mobile devices. Both of the anti-viruses perfectly done the common job protecting your pc from hackers and malware. You can choose any of them depending on your budget and usage level.


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