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Antivirus normally does the real-time scanning as per giving you the best protection from the malware and viruses. It also does background scanning, virus removal operation, and computer clean up things every time you open your computer but depending on, which anti-virus you choose from the market gives you additional features and protection.

AVG and Avast both the anti-virus gives very good performances over identifying the malware and viruses. They both give standard and strong security over harmful programs. AVG and Avast are very well known for keeping your computer and mobile devices from malware and viruses.

Improper installation into your operating system, Undefined Malware or virus attack, Sudden shut down to the computer or improper shutdown, Or, removal of some system file or registry entry sometimes can cause your anti-virus to run slow.

But this anti-virus software keeps your devices safe and secure while you use it in your regular workdays. Avast and AVG both come with a primary goal to keep malware and viruses out form your devices, but they have some differences, advantage, and disadvantages in them.

While we are working on figuring out the difference between, Avast and Norton, We didn’t find much. Cause both of them to dose an excellent job on protecting your computer from Viruses. But, yes! There are some little differences we spot, depending upon their features, system impact etc.

Avast vs AVG

  1. Features: Avast gives you more tools and utility in their product than AVG. Avast comes with some extra features like Cyber Capture, Sandbox, and Data Shredder etc. which you will not find in AVG.
  2. Protection: AVG and Avast anti-virus have very good performances over detecting the malware and viruses. Both are very good at their job.
  3. System Impact: AVG is very gentle compared to Avast Antivirus. It uses very limited CPU which doesn’t impact other system activities, weather Avast usage very high Cup which slow down your computer.
  4. User Interface: Avast has a bit complex user interface and cleaning process where AVG comes with a little bit simpler user interface and cleaning process.
  5. Cost: AVG costs lower than Avast. But Avast comes with the highest security you need for high-performance computing.
  6. Popularity: Present days, Avast is more popular than the AVG because of its wide range of product features.

Between Avast and AVG both of them lacks some features. Such as, Avast gives you Home Network and Router Security but AVG doesn’t. Avast gives you features like scanning outdated software but not data theft protection or permanent deletion of sensitive data. Choosing between AVG and Avast antivirus sometimes gets hard for the users. Both of them are good at identifying malware and viruses and comes with similar additional features. Depending on the type of work you do with your devices, you can choose what suits you best.


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